Goyada Checkout line campaign

Goyada and Coop had an Christmas campaign together. A fixture was placed on each checkout line in Coop Forum, Stora Coop, Coop Extra and Coop Nära.

Our Task

Our task was to secure the fixtures with gift cards at each checkout line on the stores. The goal was to increase sales during Christmas sales.

The regular gift card fixtures was also refilled with gift cards.

About Goyada

Since the year 2000 Goyada has been operating in the prepaid electronic products sector, so called prepaid. The company’s flexible platform creates smart, complete solutions for sales of a variety of prepaid products, both electronic and digital. Goyada’s system certified is according to PCI-DSS.

Project Details

  • Client: Goyada
  • Location: Sweden
  • Project Begin: November 2016
  • Project End: December 2016

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