Siemens i-Dos display Elkjöp

Siemens AG is a German conglomerate company headquartered in Berlin and Munich and the largest manufacturing and electronics company in Europe with branch offices abroad.

Our Task

Our task was to reach all the Elkjøp across Sweden, Norway and Finland with a Siemens I-dos display installed in store. Once in the store our main task was to secure and carefully pack the Siemens I-dos on a pallet for it to be returned to Siemens Warehouse in Sweden. Reduna was in charge of the safety of the pallet, logistic and also to secure that Siemens products was correctly placed in store after the visit.

About Siemens I-dos

i-Dos washing machine measures and dispenses automatically the right amount of liquid detergent based on load size, the selected program and how dirty the laundry is. The washing machines smart sensors detect eg load size, fabric type and how dirty the laundry is, depending on the program, and based on these factors, adjusted the amount of liquid detergent. The washing machine’s sensor technology protects both the clothes and the environment through the right dosage of liquid detergent

Project Details

  • Client: Schjærven Reklamebyrå
  • Location: Sweden, Norway and Finland
  • Project Begin: January 2017
  • Project End: January 2017

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