Reduna Group will take your POS-purchases to a new level. Due to long time relationships with leading producers in Europe we will guarantee you new and innovative improvements of your current POS-lineup and heavily increase your profit from the POS-investment. Just enjoy the smooth and seamless ride with us as we design, produce, pack and distribute your POS – just in time!
We are proud to focus in delivering the best optimized solution for your campaign, so let us together investigate how we can improve your retail situation.

Always rely on us
You can always rely on us when it comes to cardboard POS such as displays, standees, cubes and boxes. But also a wide range of more products such as banners, floor and windowstickers, floor mats, posters, signs, folders, magazines, rollups and special created items.
More long-term POS such as products in metal or plastic can be done by us, and in order to increase visibility in retail – it gets more important to implement POS in permanent setups.